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DB Contents: Sagas


Sagas are at the top of ROMdb structure and they contain games with a common story line or plot. Some examples of sagas could be "Mortal Kombat", "Final Fantasy", "The Secret of Monkey Island"...

╔══════╗      ┌──────┐      ┌─────────┐
║ Saga ║ ───> │ Game │ ───> │ Version │
╚══════╝      └──────┘      └─────────┘

A saga must contain at least two games, but there is no maximum number of games. I would say that "Final Fantasy", "Pokemon", and "Street Fighter" would be among the biggest ones. If people contribute to ROMdb, we will find out pretty easily...

╔═══╗      ┌────────┐
║ S ║ ───> │ Game 1 │
║ a ║      └────────┘
║ g ║      ┌────────┐
║ a ║ ───> │ Game 2 │
╚═══╝      └────────┘

On the other hand, some games will belong to more than one saga. Is quite arguable that "Tekken X Street Fighter" would belong to "Tekken" and "Street Fighter" sagas since all the game mechanics are Tekken-esque. But, I would indeed say that "LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens" belongs to "LEGO Star Wars" saga but also to "LEGO collect-all-the-f*****g-tokens" (100% unofficial and inappropiate name, by the way) saga.

╔════════╗      ┌───┐
║ Saga 1 ║ ───> │ G │
╚════════╝      │ a │
╔════════╗      │ m │
║ Saga 2 ║ ───> │ e │
╚════════╝      └───┘

Fields stored

Sagas are a rather simple type of content since they only contain one field. Any other pice of information like the games that are included in it or the years when it had content are automatically generated. Maybe in the future we should add an extra field to quick summarize the plot of the saga. Another topic to discuss in the feedback forum...

  • Title: The only field, so far, of the sagas. Typically, sagas don't have any official title, but try to stick as much as possible to the original titles of the games in the saga. i.e. "Final Fantasy" is OK while "Final Fantasy Saga" is WRONG. Try to avoid splitting sagas into different ones just because some of the games have different gaming mechanics or look and feel. i.e. even though "Super Mario 64" is a 3D platformer instead of a classical 2D one like "Super Mario Bros.", that does NOT mean they are two different sagas.