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0. Disclaimer

I, the site administrator, created and maintain this website during my free time, following my own preferences, and using my own resources (the server). Nevertheless, I like to make it as *open as possible and I would like to hear your opinions or suggestions on how to improve it. BUT, that doesn't mean I have to do whatever change you want to introduce, or, even if I say that I like something, that I'll do it in any particular time-frame.

In the above paragraph, "Open" means that:

  • All the contents of the website are published under a Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and you can (re)-use them without any kind of permission while you respect the terms of the license.

  • Still to be done: To make the creation of derived projects easier, the whole contents of the database (sagas, games, and versions) will be periodically published in the form of some CSVs files.

Being said that, below you have a list of common suggestions with the current answer. Feel free to add new suggestions or comment the already existing ones in the INVALID URL: {feedback forum}{forum/website-related}. I'll link them from this page when possible:

1. NO, nain, never, nie, mai, nidgy

Graphical emoticons in the forum

I don't see them in serious places like Wikipedia, so... NO, and for those cases you really need to use them, old-school ASCII emoticons in bold should be enough ;)

WYSIWYG editor

No, sorry, extra complication for (almost) no reason. The DB entries (sagas, games, versions) use plain text, so they don't need any kind of WYSIWYG editor. The mark-up of the forum is really simple and contains only a dozen of tags while the average user only use 3-4 for most posts. So, for web maintenance simplicity and avoid screen clutter, no WYSIWYG editor in ROMdb.

Open a Facebook/Twitter/Tinder/WhateverSocialWebsite account for ROMdb

Never! I don't want to manage an external community with its own complexities and limitations. The only goal of the website is to create meta-data for videogame ROMs and, in my opinion, the means in the website are enough to fulfill the requirements while keeping the focus on the important topics.

Mobile/small-screen version of the web

ROMdb offers, probably, too much information, specially in the form of tables. That's something very difficult to translate to small screen device and in case it was possible, it would require too much time to be done. So, sorry but don't expect such version (and I hope you enjoy the normal screen size, normal pointing device version and you continue supporting us ;)

2. MAYBE, być może, quizás, vielleicht, peut être

Include system X

Is there any serious cataloging project for that system? Do they double-check their dumps? are they accurate to the real data stored in the original media? Do they avoid scene-dumps, warez and so on? Do they publish a standard ClrMamePro or XML dat file? If the answer to all those questions is yes, SURE. Actually it's quite easy to add a new system to the website (apart from MAME which is in the to-do list because it's not that straightforward due to the big size of their dat).

Add DLCs to the database

Yes, eventually, if the website manages to survive until serious cataloguing projects appear for DLCs. Something to discuss is if they require a new type of item (so the final structure of the database would be Saga > Game > Version > DLC) or they can be simply added as a new field for the versions. Are there different versions (depending on the country, for example) of the same DLC? are there any region exclusive or region locked DLC?

Anyway, so far (September 2017) redump.org hasn't covered yet the first consoles to receive DLCs (Xbox 360 and PS3), and having a .dat file is mandatory before adding any system to ROMdb.

3. YES, oui, ja, jos

(nothing so far)