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Thanks / Other Projects

This project wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of many open projects. We praise and recognize them for all their work at the same time we encourage you, the readers, to stop supporting people that are in the scene just for fame, money, or other spurious reasons.


  • ROMdb uses Drupal 7 (drupal.org) as its content management system.

  • The site theme is a heavily modified version of Boron (drupal.org/project/boron).

  • All the icons used in the site are obtained from iconmonstr (iconmonstr.com).

  • 14 custom Drupal modules have been developed specifically for the website.

If you are working on an open/public/non-commercial project using Drupal and you see anything you like in ROMdb, feel free to ask for advice in the forum.

ROM cataloguing projects

  • M.A.M.E. (mame.net) The famous arcade emulator that includes a gorgeous database of emulated games you can easily export as normal .dat file.

  • No-Intro (no-intro.org) .dat files for systems with cartridge and disk media like Super Nintendo, Master System, Lynx...

  • No-Intro Screenshot Archive (no-intro.dlgsoftware.net) raw screenshots (original size, no filtering, png format) for many systems covered by No-Intro using a consistent and long-term-preservation naming scheme.

  • ReDump (redump.org) .dat files for systems with optical disc media like Playstation, Sega CD, Saturn...

Videogame databases