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User Roles


People accessing the web without being registered. They can read everything (apart from restricted forums for Librarians and Admins).

Registered users

Same privileges as visitors plus they can:

  • Create and take part into discussions for DB entries and general topics into forums.

  • Edit existing DB entries; the edits will automatically be published.

  • Create new entries (Sagas and Games) that need to be approved by Librarians.


Librarians are a special type of users helping the management of the website. Granting /removing librarian privileges to a particular user is up to the decision of the main administrator of the website although the opinion of other librarians will be taken into account.

Same privileges as registered users plus they can:

  • Approve new contents to be published (even their own contents).

  • Revert DB entries to previous states.

  • Access restricted librarian's forum.

  • Act as moderators of discussions and forum posts.


In theory, the website should work fine with the above roles plus the main administrator who is able to perform extra actions like updating the site, block users, fix bugs... If needed, the extra permissions of the main administrator could be temporarily granted to other users.

Blocked users

...the dark side of life. In the disgrace event an user makes or tries to make any harm to the website/community and/or doesn't follow the website guidelines and/or website rules, his/her account will be blocked and all the privileges of being a registered user will be revoked.

IMPORTANT: When an account is blocked or an user wants his/her account cancelled, NONE of "his/her" content will be ever removed. Sorry, you took part into a public website, all the content was public, other people may continue building something from what he/she started and "his/her" content is not exclusively "his/her" anymore. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THIS RULE, FINE, DON'T REGISTER IN THE WEBSITE.