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Website rules

If you disagree with these rules, EASY: do NOT register in the site, and do NOT write anything in it.

General Rules

  • GR-001: Be polite and respect other users. Any form of discrimination or bullying for ethnic, religious, economic, sexual orientation, gender identification... reasons will imply the cancellation of the offender account and all the privileges associated. On the other hand, it's ok you feel offended by somebody else's opinions, but that doesn't automatically mean the other person don't have the right to express his ideas. Sorry this is not a ridicule safe-space for snow-flakes.

  • GR-002: Links to warez, abandonware, pirated content... are totally forbidden. I know, this is a controversial topic and different countries have different laws about it. Anyway, it's not the subject of the website, it's not something I (the administrator) want to deal with. So, totally forbidden, is it clear? TOTALLY FORBIDDEN.

  • GR-003: Avoid unneeded profanity, sexually explicit references, etc... This is NOT a child-friendly site in any way, but that doesn't mean everything is allowed. Is it OK to put a picture of a nude when talking about Strip Poker for C64? probably. Should a discussion about Mario 64 be the same? of course not. As a rule of thumb, try to highlight or mark in any way your forum posts that are not "safe" to open while you are at work.

  • GR-004: If your account is cancelled/suspended, NONE of "your" content will be deleted. User accounts can be cancelled any time by the users themselves and by the website administrator when the users don't stick to the rules (this exact document). Depending on the severity of the "infraction", users may receive a warning before the account cancellation. In both cases, personal details like user email, user name (maybe), and user picture (maybe) will be completely removed from website database's BUT OTHER INFORMATION WILL REMAIN.

  • GR-005: Unused accounts will be periodically removed. All user accounts without any activity will be periodically removed and in this context, the meaning of activity is any valuable update to the database or forum. e.g. "I was here" or "Hello there!" messages in the forum won't be considered valuable.

Forum Specific Rules

  • FR-001 Posts must be video-game related but there's an off-topic section for anything else. Anyway, that forum may be (and surely will be) cleaned from time to time to avoid being a resource hog for the important part of the site which is ROM database and video-game discussions.

  • FR-002 Be precise and descriptive when writing the title of your discussion, just one topic for forum thread, stick to the topic. Typical forums stuff you already know from many other sites.

  • FR-003 Only meaningful, serious, and relevant replies. This is not a trolling, meme-based, joking site. Replies containing things like just a "+1", meme pictures, jokes, and so on will be immediately removed and the user will be warned that repeating this behaviour will lead to his/her account to be cancelled. And for the shake of clarity, avoid the usage of non official acronyms like GOW, is that God Of War or Gears of War? We want people to understant what they are reading about and make the search function of the site as functional as possible.

  • FR-004 No spam, commercial site promotions, or gambling. But you are totally welcome to introduce your NON-COMMERCIAL and VIDEO-GAME RELATED project to the community in the YYY section.

  • FR-005 Disclose any commercial relationship you have with any product/service you comment about. I know it's a pain in the ass, but do it in EVERY post, or comment about the product/service you take part into.

AGAIN: If you disagree with these rules, EASY: do NOT register in the site, and do NOT write anything in it.