Game Barbarian

Year ????
Genre(s) vs. fighting
Saga(s) Barbarian
Synopsis The evil magician Drax is terrorizing the jeweled city and cast a spell over the beautiful princess Marina who is forced to obey him. From the lands to the north, a hero is sent to help the city and free the princess. He is Gorth, the strongest of the barbarian warriors. With his sword in hand, he has to beat eight of Drax's best warriors and at last the magician himself. He will fight them in the woods, on the mountaintop, in the dungeon... finally reaching Drax's palace itself.
Amiga 500 »
???? ★★★ Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (Europe)
Commodore 64 (5.25") »
???? Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (Europe)
Commodore 64 (5.25") »
???? Death Sword (USA)
Atari ST »
???? Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (Europe)