Game Barbarian (platformer)

Year 1987–1989
Genre(s) platforms
Synopsis You play the role of a barbarian who must navigate his way through dangerous dungeons. The game is played from a side perspective and also has platform jumping parts to it. The barbarian is controlled by using left and right on the joystick to move and up and down is used to scroll through the various commands at the bottom of the screen. When a command is highlighted pressing fire will perform that action thus saving on extra buttons being needed to play. There are two weapons at your disposal. A sword which you start the game with and later a bow which is handy for long range attacks. There are many traps to avoid and various monsters who have different attack patterns.
Amiga 500 »
1987 ★★★ Barbarian (Europe)
PC (diskette) »
1989 Barbarian [2275]