Game Battle Bakraid

Year 1999
Genre(s) shooter
Saga(s) Battle Garegga
Synopsis The nation of Randa is host to a frequent air show called Bakraid, in which the capabilities of world-famous flight engineers are demonstrated to the public. Deneb, a nation with an expansionist attitude, has been forcibly annexing several of its neighbours with the assistance of the Shtarterra Security Council. Now is the time of the seventh Bakraid and Deneb has asked to participate in Bakraid. Randa is aware that this is just an excuse to get their war machinery into Randan territory, so the council of defense secretly contacts the other Bakraid participants, offering even more prize money than normal if they will utilize their top planes not only for show but to defend Randa against the invaders. To catch Deneb and the SSC when they're unaware, Bakraid begins two weeks early with nine pilots wo accepted the plan.