Version for Amiga 500 4D Sports Boxing (Europe)

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.dat name amg-a5c_no-intro
.dat version Commodore - Amiga | http://www.no-intro.org | 20171230-022246
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ROMset platform Amiga 500
ROMset title 4D Sports Boxing (Europe)
ROMset CRC32* 39bbb77a
ROMset size* 2099224 bytes

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???? 4D Sports Boxing 2.0 [2300]
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Parent Game(s) data

Game4D Sports Boxing (????)
Genre(s)vs. fighting
Saga(s)4D Sports (????)
Synopsis"4D Sports Boxing" leaves behind any pretences of being a pure arcade game based on boxing, and aims to recreate the sport in full detail. The graphics engine allows for multiple camera angles and viewpoints, and considerably detailed visuals. These required more advanced hardware than was common at the time, but a stick-figure mode was included as a compromise. The moves on offer include all the uppercuts and hooks of a real fight, and the players are designed to move realistically to implement them.