Version for Arcade 1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)

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.dat name arc_mame
.dat version mame | (SIMPLIFIED DAT) | "0.200"
.dat status Up-to-date
ROMset platform Arcade
ROMset title 1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)
ROMset CRC32* 94800a81
ROMset size* 31064084 bytes

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Intro title(s)
  • [usa] 1944 - The Loop Master
Compile date 2000-06-20
Serial number
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Screen overscan 0, 0, 0, 0
Media 1 × PCB
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Game1944 - The Loop Master (2000)
Saga(s)194x (1984–2000)
SynopsisFifth original part in Capcom's 194x series of top-down shoot'em ups. This time you have the choice to board the P-38 Lightning or Mitsubishi A6M Zero WWII planes and test your shooting skills in 15 stages.