Version for Megadrive Tyrants - Fight through Time (USA)

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ROMset platform Megadrive
ROMset title Tyrants - Fight through Time (USA)
ROMset CRC32* a744921e
ROMset size* 1048576 bytes

Version data

Intro title(s)
  • [usa] Tyrants - Fight through Time
Compile date 1992-??-??
Serial number
Screen overscan
Media 1 × cartridge
Voting 0
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Parent Game(s) data

GameMega-Lo-Mania (1992–1993)
SynopsisA new planet is born and only lacks its leader. Could this be you? Are you ready to face the challenge of three vicious opponents who are plotting only for your demise? To control the planet you will need to begin at the dawn of time and fight through to the present and even the future. You must take a feeble race of cave men and lead them through the ages, progressing in technological skill until you are ready to fight in the Mother of All Battles - the final conflict to be fought at the end of time!