Version for NES Shadowgate (Sweden)

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.dat name nes-crt_no-intro
.dat version Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System | http://www.no-intro.org | 20190510-171627
.dat status Up-to-date
ROMset platform NES
ROMset title Shadowgate (Sweden)
ROMset CRC32* 2b1497dc
ROMset size* 262144 bytes

Version data

Intro title(s)
  • [swe] Shadowgate
Compile date 1991-??-??
Serial number
View 1st person
Screen overscan
Media 1 × cartridge
Players 1
Voting 0
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Parent Game(s) data

GameShadowgate (1987–1999)
Saga(s)Shadowgate (1987–1999)
SynopsisPlayers take the part of an adventurer sent to the ancient keep of Shadowgate on a quest to find a mystic artifact known as the Staff of Ages and stop the evil Warlock Lord from summoning a horrific demon known as the Behemoth. However, Shadowgate has become infested with the Warlock Lord's demonic minions, not to mention the castle's still functional booby-traps.