Version for PC (diskette) Presumed Guilty [1996]

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.dat name pcc-dsk_god
.dat version The Good Old Days | (SIMPLIFIED DAT) | "2020-12-27 14:34:21"
.dat status Up-to-date
ROMset platform PC (diskette)
ROMset title Presumed Guilty [1996]
ROMset CRC32* 264d20e5
ROMset size* 737280 bytes

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Parent Game(s) data

GameGuilty (????)
Genre(s)graphic adventure
Saga(s)Jack T. Ladd (????)
SynopsisJack is a crime specialist in serious trouble. After all, he's just escaped from his cell aboard the prison ship Relentless, only to leave the craft stranded in the flight path of a merciless alien invasion fleet. And with just the ruthless policewoman Ysanne for company. Jack's about to find out just what the battle of the sexes is all about!