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ROMset platform Master System
ROMset title Great Soccer (Europe)
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Compile date 1985-??-??
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???? Great Soccer (Taiwan) (Unl)
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1985 Great Soccer (Japan)
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1987 World Soccer ~ Great Soccer ~ Super Futebol (World)

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GameGreat Soccer (1985–1987)
SynopsisGet ready to play like a professional on this fast-paced soccer green. Your arena? It's international and you're up against the best soccer teams in the world. Will you play with Italian passion, Argentine stamina or the calculating cool of the West Germans? Maybe you'll want to push the young U.S.A. team to championship status. Your strategy: combine athletic skill and accurate timing to win points and block goals. And it won't be easy. Your opponents are tough and after the glory. So pass, dribble and kick your way to victory. You've got the ball, now run with it.