Welcome to ROMdb, a Wiki to organize and collect meta-data for ROM databases provided by projects like No-Intro, MAME, Redump.org, and The Good Old Days:

Organize: ROMs (let's start calling them versions, right?) are grouped by their parent games. So "Mortal Kombat 2" for Arcade, Megadrive and Super Nintendo will be "siblings", descendants from the common game "Mortal Kombat 2", which is part of "Mortal Kombat" saga. To sum it up, the structure is saga > game > version.

Meta-data: Projects like MAME, No-Intro and Redump.org do an excellent job dumping and verifying versions but there is much more information to gather; what year was the version published? what languages (voice and text) does it contain? what about the genre, the perspective, the number of players...

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Latest blog entry:

Pseudo-annual activity report

Almost two years have passed since we open ROMdb and although there have been some unintentionally hidden activity, we never communicated it using the front page. Let's fix it now with a brief list:

  • 40 .dat files have been imported into the website. You can check all the available platforms. Short term plans include the creation of a .dat for MSX tapes from tsx.eslamejor.com and import it into the website. I hope it'll help to promote such a fantastic project and the proper dumping/validation/preservation of videogame cassette tapes in general.

  • The total number of versions in ROMdb at the moment is 67.855. It really impresses me the efforts put up by the dumping/verifying community to preserve these pieces of history.

  • New versions of the .dat files have been released and we accordingly updated the data contained in ROMdb. You can read a log of the changes here.

  • During this time, 1.389 games and 252 sagas have been created to organize the versions. It's when you look at some of the games like "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior" with their numerous versions when you realise how important is not just to preserve ROMs, but also to give them system-wide structure.