Welcome to ROMdb, a Wiki to organize and collect meta-data for ROM databases provided by projects like No-Intro, MAME, or Redump.org:

Organize: ROMs (let's start calling them versions, right?) are grouped by their parent games. So "Mortal Kombat 2" for Arcade, Megadrive and Super Nintendo will be "siblings", descendants from the common game "Mortal Kombat 2", which is part of "Mortal Kombat" saga. To sum it up, the structure is saga > game > version.

Meta-data: Projects like MAME, No-Intro and Redump.org do an excellent job dumping and verifying versions but there is much more information to gather; what year was the version published? what languages (voice and text) does it contain? what about the genre, the perspective, the number of players...

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The first blog entry:

Hello, World!

Finally online, after 3-4 months ~1.5 years of intense work!

Welcome to ROMdb, a project to expand and interconnect differerent ROM databases created by projects like MAME, No-Intro, and Redump. Let me recap a bit and explain you what the origin of this site is:

I never bothered too much about fancy configurations for videogame emulators. I simply opened the videogame I wanted to play and manually adjusted the configuration to my liking. But two years ago when I finally configured my own "console" based in Linux+RetroArch I realised there was an extra difficulty for systems like NES and Master System, the overscan.

Check out this youtube video of Super Mario Bros. 3 in the NES. Did you notice the graphic garbage appearing on left and right borders of the screen? That's caused by the limitations of the original hardware to do scrolling. When using an old CRT TV, you probably didn't notice it because they had some sort of zoom, leaving the affected area out of our sight; but in modern TVs or when using emulators, the problem is pretty obvious.