Welcome to ROMdb, a Wiki to organize and collect meta-data for ROM databases provided by projects like No-Intro, MAME, Redump.org, and The Good Old Days:

Organize: ROMs (let's start calling them versions, right?) are grouped by their parent games. So "Mortal Kombat 2" for Arcade, Megadrive and Super Nintendo will be "siblings", descendants from the common game "Mortal Kombat 2", which is part of "Mortal Kombat" saga. To sum it up, the structure is saga > game > version.

Meta-data: Projects like MAME, No-Intro and Redump.org do an excellent job dumping and verifying versions but there is much more information to gather; what year was the version published? what languages (voice and text) does it contain? what about the genre, the perspective, the number of players...

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Back online

At the beginning of 2022, the website moved to a more modest server. The expense on the previous one wasn't justified by the traffic of the web. Everything went well for a while until a sudden increase of visits at the end of the year rendered the web almost unusable. Some quick fixes were tried with no luck, so it made sense to close the doors, properly analyse the issues and start working on the solutions.

One of the main focus areas have been improving the generation and cache mechanisms of large contents like the indices of versions (which can contain up to nine thousand elements), and complex ones such as the index of sagas. Original generation times of around 20 seconds have been reduced to just 1-2 by tweaking the views and adding better cache techniques. The website seems to be working fine now but we will continue monitoring the performance now that we're open again.