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ROMset platform MSX (cartridge)
ROMset title Circus Charlie (Japan)
ROMset CRC32* 83b8d8f3
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Compile date 1984-??-??
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GameCircus Charlie (1984)
SynopsisYou are Charlie, a member of a circus troupe. Your job is to please the crowd by performing five death-defying stunts: 1) You and the lion must jump through several rings of fire; 2) Walk the tightrope for 70 meters, avoiding the monkeys that get in your way; 3) Roll on a ball for 80 meters, jumping from ball to ball; 4) Ride a horse for 200 meters, bouncing on trampolines along the way; 5) Finally, trapeze from swing to swing for 50 meters. If you miss, make sure that you land on the platforms below so you bounce back on a swing. Once you have completed all five stunts, you have to do them again and hopefully, more points will be awarded.