Version for Game Gear Madou Monogatari I - 3-Tsu no Madoukyuu (Japan)

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ROMset platform Game Gear
ROMset title Madou Monogatari I - 3-Tsu no Madoukyuu (Japan)
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Intro title(s)
  • [jpn] Madou Monogatari I - 3-Tsu no Madoukyuu (Japan) / 魔導物語 I - 3-つの魔導球
Compile date 1993-??-??
Serial number
Texts Japanese
View 1st person
Screen overscan 0, 0, 0, 0
Media 1 × cartridge
Voting 0
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Parent Game(s) data

GameMadou Monogatari I (1993–1996)
Genre(s)role play
Saga(s)Madou Monogatari (1993–1996)
SynopsisIn this game, you play a young apprentice sorceress named Arle. She studies at a magic school, and is about to take her most important examination: go to the Tower of Satan, defeat the enemies and overcome all the obstacles on the way using her magic power!