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ROMset platform Super Nintendo
ROMset title Super Punch-Out!! (Japan) (NP)
ROMset CRC32* b5d92af4
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Intro title(s)
  • [jpn] Super Punch-Out!!
Compile date 1994-??-??
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Media 1 × cartridge
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???? Super Punch-Out!! (World) (GameCube)
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1994 Super Punch-Out!! (Europe)
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1994 Super Punch-Out!! (USA)

Parent Game(s) data

GameSuper Punch-Out!! (1994)
Genre(s)sports, vs. fighting
Saga(s)Punch-Out!! (1984–1994)
SynopsisSlug your way through the grueling and sweat-pounding matches of the Minor, Major, and World Circuits. Dodge bone-bruising punches and dance to the top of the supreme Special Circuit. Face off against old favorites including Bear Hugger, Piston Hurricane, Bald Bull, Mr. Sandman and Super Macho Man plus a cast of new and weird challengers. With a right hook! Body blow! And precise quick jabs! The referee announces "Knock Out!" Your opponent lies face down as you win the title of Nintendo Video Boxing Association Champion!